Trauma Baby

This documentary, In Utero, exlores the effects of emotional trauma on the unborn child.   There is growing understanding of how stress in the womb impacts us in later life, is recorded in our genes and is passed down from generation to generation.

There is also discussion about psychotherapy and its role in healing unconsciously inherited pain and fear, and how patients often baulk once they arrive at this kind of trauma work and many simply walk away.

As mentioned in this documentary, the amazing adaptive responses that allow us to cope and survive in utero and through childhood, over time, become the burden of our existence: Limitations that once kept are safe, now keep us trapped in patterns of self-sabotage and repressed development. And we unconsciously cling to these limitations as though our very life depends on them because once upon a time, it did.  We often only become aware of these inner limitations when our outer lives find us in some state of dysfunction.

Fortunately, people can find healing in all kinds of modalities and approaches. Indeed every culture on the face of the earth has its healing traditions and related knowledge which seeks to address psychic pain and its manifestations.  And these traditional approaches often use dreams and dreaming as an integral part of healing.

From the perspective of Integrative Dreamwork, trauma in utero is a replica of the trauma imprint we already carry on a soul level.  As such, it can be experienced and witnessed at any point on our timeline, including in our genealogy and even past-lives.

It’s no surprise that trauma is imprinted on our genes and gets triggered by stress and environment.  We are left with the question of  How can each person find their way to healing all that inter-generational trauma?
If we choose to, we can turn to our dreams.

Trauma presents itself in our dreamworld through the language of feeling and story.  We carry the imprints of grief, limitation, betrayal, abandonment… Whatever stories our ancestors carried, whatever stories our parents passed onto us (consciously and not), whatever has not yet been brought to light and released.

Trauma and wounding from any place on our timeline is faithfully held within the psyche, awaiting the right conditions to be healed.  The miracle of the psyche is that it is a self-healing organism and dreams are a calling for our conscious participation towards wholeness.  Within dreams we can work through the root causes of what ails us personally, descending through the difficult places of wounding and disconnection. When we work with dreams in this conscious and open way, they illuminate our blind spots and bring us the energy and love required to process even the most difficult issues.

We are not born to simply carry forth the wounds and traumas of the past.  We are meant to heal.  And that journey of personal liberation incidentally heals a whole timeline, past and future –  It’s the journey to an ever clearer present.