Stepping In

Our lives are forged and formed by layers of stories. Some of these stories are true. Others are not.  Where can we begin?
We have all encountered a multitude of hurts and difficulties and our hunt for the smoking gun may make us quick to pin our symptoms of unhappiness on all kinds of apparently blame-worthy experiences. Yet we can so often be totally off point.
That’s why Integrative dreamwork is so great. It’s a bottom-up approach to well-being that cuts through the craft and distraction of our analytical minds and story telling.  People who do this work have found that the source of their core fears and pains are often totally unexpected yet undeniably true.
So that’s my favourite thing about dreamwork: Each step is an illumination on an otherwise darkened path.  Dreams take us exactly to where we need to be now: they bring attention to the areas of our lives where we most need awareness and action. It’s a powerful and organic process of healing, delivered from the deepest of places.