Beyond Answers

Sometimes dreams give us answers to questions.  It’s a common enough practice among dreamers to ‘offer up’ a question in prayer-like fashion before sleep, as a kind of request to the unconscious for information or insight.  You can find plenty of articles giving how-to advice on getting your dreams to ‘work for you’ while you sleep.  And fair enough, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that this kind of Q&A yields results and guidance.  From famous writers who have dreamt entire narrative trajectories, to scientists who have found the missing link to complex equations,  there is much to be said about the ability of the unconscious to respond in astounding and genius fashion to all manner of questions.  Even the proverbial ‘flashes of insight’ while we are awake can be attributed to the font of the unconscious.  (Having a moment of breakthrough raises the question of what is actually being broken through?  More often than not, it’s our own anxious or mulish thought patterns covering the natural intelligence underneath.)
I learnt early on in life that there was a great wellspring of wisdom and support to be found in the dream realm, and so I listened carefully.  I also asked questions.  Results were mixed.  Now I can say that the dreams that ‘made no sense’ was where the real gold was, but being bent on having my questions answered I had cast them aside.
The Q&A way of interacting with dreams is somewhat akin to asking the greatest criminal lawyer on earth to sort out your parking tickets when you are actually sitting in prison on a wrongful murder charge.  Sure, you might get the outcome you want with the parking tickets, but…. you get my drift.
There is so much more waiting to be discovered in the dream realm if we are willing to start asking meaningful questions like “Why am I so sad/angry/scared/anxious?” or “Why am I still unfulfilled in my job/relationship/life?”  Open and heart-felt questions such as these can be the beginning of a soulful journey with the unconscious… The long arc of self-discovery and process that the deep unconscious is longing for us to embark upon.  Ultimately the answers to all worldly questions simply beget more questions.  Once  we realise this, what is left to ask but ‘How can I become more of my truest self..?’  and ‘How can I love more?’  Our dreams are always ready to meet us there.